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4 analog inputs (RTD)
Artnr: 56741
Gewicht: 0.17 kg
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Expansion module
AI4 - (E) 4× M12 (RTD)
for resistors and temperature
Connection cables are in the online shop under "Connection Technology".
Housing fully potted.
General data
Protection IP67
Mounting method 2-hole screw mounting
Temperature range 0...+55 °C (storage temperature -20...+75 °C)
Dimensions H×W×D 150×30×34.5 mm
Sensor type Pt100, Pt100 climate, 200, 500, 1000; Ni100, 120, 200, 500, 1000; R 0...3000 Ω
Conversion time (analog) approx. 58 ms per channel
Resolution (analog) 15 Bit + sign
Accuracy max. ±0.5% (of range limit)
Accuracy (Ni) max. ±1% (of range limit)
Connection 2-, 3-, 4-wire technology
Internal communication
Current consumption max. 50 mA
LED display US: sensor supply and internal supply voltage (green: OK); UA: actuator supply (green: OK)
Fieldbus via internal system connection
Sensor-system/actuator supply via internal system connection (max. 2× 4 A)
I/O ports M12 (female) 5-pole, A-coded
Communication status via LED
Diagnostic via LED per module and channel
Diagnostic via BUS per module and channel
Monitoring - under voltage yes
Monitoring - no voltage yes
Short-circuit and overload yes
Actuator warning per channel via LED and BUS
Wire break upper/lower limit overload per channel via LED and BUS
Commerciële gegevens
Douane tarief nummer 85389099
EAN 4048879048200
eClass 27242601
Land van oorsprong DE
Verpakkingseenheid 1
SysteemkabelBekijk alle
Sensor-actuatorkabel Bekijk alle
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